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Fine Quality Conservation & Restoration
Muesum Quality Antiques & Restoration, Old Masters to Contemporary Works

Over the centuries, Antiques & fine art has suffered more damage from poor conservation and stewardship than from wars, floods, and fire. To maintain the integrity and value of fine works of antiques, we provide museum quality restoration of antiques, sculpture, and antique frames in any condition!

Sadly, many antiques are over-restored, dramatically reducing their historic and resale value. With over 20 years experience, we clean, varnish, in-paint, repair, restore and conserve antiques, and period frames to professional standards. And we control the cleaning and restoration process to minimize alteration of the original work and enhance value.

Restoration can be as simple as light cleaning to remove disfiguring dirt or grime, such as on the surface, or it may include near complete rebuilding or replacement, as might be the case with old furniture. Often done in preparation for sale, or by a collector upon acquiring a new piece, the main goal of restoration is to "restore" the original appearance or functionality of a piece.

There is a lot of difference between restoring and repairing. You may achieve functionality with a repair, but restoring an item properly is an art-form. Finishes might/may be stripped and redone, but it is essential that the original patination is retained, if possible. Stripping is only done as a last resort, especially with antique furniture.

Let us bring your antiques back to life at our Denver based antique restoration studio.
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