Antique Treasures can repair and restore most fine objects, including those that might appear beyond help. Our skill set ranges from antique restoration and refinishing, stone and metal restoration, cane repair, custom-built furniture and finishes, and more. We love a challenge. "Impossible" is not in our vocabulary.

We Give Your
Furniture a New Life

We can work on-site or in our shop. We offer routine in-home furniture and antique maintenance.
We have the materials, tools, and skill to work anywhere, including out of town.
We can custom build doors and windows, furniture, cabinetry, molding, and other decor from new or old materials.
In the historical tradition of fine European craftsmen, Tomasz works individually. Tomasz alone is responsible for the quality
of the work. He adheres to the finest standards in the industry both for workmanship techniques and materials.

We Create Custom
Built Furniture

We can custom build doors and windows, furniture, cabinetry, molding, and other decor from new or old material.

Fast and reliable repair service for furniture and interior design.

Finish with varnishes and glossy or matte lacquer surfaces

Designing and coordinating the concepts of rooms and interior design.

Functional built-in furniture that fits perfectly for every room situation.

Complete refreshment or reconstruction of surfaces.

Production of unique pieces of furniture of the highest quality.

Restoration Techniques

We use a combination of ancient and modern techniques to apply the proper restoration of each piece.
Depending on the age, material, and overall goal of the restoration work we adjust our methods.  

Ornamental sculpture

Replace items, compensate for damage

Surface treatment

High quality shellac varnish


Eliminate the danger for furniture


Add broken pieces


A traditional surface technique


Fill the small damage with wax

French Polish

Add a high gloss finish


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